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Yes! You spoke my mind! I decided to give up getting a helper altogether after maid and agency nightmares.

Cheers to being self-reliant. It’s tiring, but not impossible with part-time help. Teaches the kids the value of cleaning up after themselves too. 🙂

Dr Donna Chow

Thank you for reading! Yes, a life without maid can be very happy. Kids growing up with maids may rely on them to do a lot of things and not have the opportunity to learn to be independent.



In fact i have never hired a maid before as i foresee:

– there will be clashing opinions on how to deal w housework,
– there will be a stranger i cant completely trust hanging out in the house n holding on to the house keys
– seriously, we have enough to manage whether u r a stay home mum or full time working mum, so really, i dun wanna have to manage another person in my personal space. 🙂

Dr Donna Chow

Hi Melissa, yes. And they have very different cultural backgrounds. It takes quite a long time to adapt to each other.


We have recently decided to do without a maid.
Everyone chipped in to do their part and I see my kids more now since they all have to help.
Found broken mop stick, unwashed stuff, and other stuff to clear up.
Life is simpler now, we sleep better at night.

Dr Donna Chow

Hi Joanne, same here. Its been 4 months since we are maidless. Rather spent time to deal with the plenty of issues created by them, its better to spend one hour a day to do our own cleaning.