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Leng Bogensperger
Leng Bogensperger
28/01/2022 1:16 pm

I am very sorry to read about what has happened to Ah Bee and I know that your loss and grief must be so intense that it has motivated you to try to make changes in regulating vets so that our beloved pets are accorded the same high level of conscientious and quality care as we would expect from doctors treating human patients. My pets are my family and I feel your loss and grief. I also understand if you feel guilty about not having checked the medication error but do not beat yourself up over it. And try to… Read more »

29/01/2022 3:57 pm

I don’t think you or your husband is at fault. Given that much medication to go through while you or your husband are in a bad state of mind because you are worried about dog is the normal… What is not normal is that the person dispensing the medication did not realize that the medicine is dispensed wrongly…the person who dispensed the medication should know that it is wrong before he or she even passed it to the owner. You are a medical person so you know about it more but if it was me…I probably would not know why… Read more »